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Inviting to a meal (78)

Bismihi Ta’ala

Ahaadeeth and Sunnats of Traveling

Inviting people to a meal upon returning from a journey

78.)  Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi waSallam) used to slaughter a camel or cow upon returning to Madina Tayyibah.
[Hazrat Jaabir Ibn Abdullah (RA) - Sahih Bukhari]

-       Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (RA) also used to abstain from fasting after returning from a journey, so that he could have meals with those who came to visit him.
[Sahih Bukhari]

-      It is Sunnah to invite family members and associates to a meal after returning from a long period of absence such as Hajj, etc. This should not be done for the sake of name and fame. In actual fact, the invitation is given to express the happiness and joy of returning safely to one’s family.

-       This invitation, in the terminology of the Jurists, is called Naqi`ah.

-       Allamah Tibi (Rahmatullah ‘alayh) has written that a person should invite people to a meal according to his capacity, upon returning from a journey.

-       Mullah Ali Qaari (Rahmatullah ‘alayh) has also written that it is a Sunnah to do so.

-    Hafez Ibn Hajar (Rahmatullah ‘alayh) has written that the pious predecessors have regarded the above action to be mustahab.

Extracted from Ash-Shamaa`il al Kubra
[The Sublime Conduct of Nabi  (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi waSallam)  Volume 3]